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You get home from work, head over to the refrigerator and grab a cold one.  Great way to end a busy demanding day.  Or you grab the juice or milk out of the fridge for the little ones.  It's nice, cold, and refreshing.  Your refrigerator is working day and night to keep your perishable fresh and cool.  Or just keeping the lemonade at just the right temperature for those hot summer afternoons.  We keep a lot of different items in the fridge so that they last and don't become inedible. 
When your refrigerator or fridge isn't operating correctly,  a lot of your perishable food is at risk.  If it is too cold, some items will be a risk of freezing.  And if it isn't cold enough, food is at risk of spoiling.  If it isn't running at all, well then you are going to have to decide quickly on how you will keep everything in it from being spoiled or contaminated.  You will need to get it operational as soon as possible.

If you are having issues with your refrigerator or fridge, make sure you have a qualified appliance technician take a look at it.  They can diagnosis the issue and find a fix for it.  You can count on our team of technicians to locate the issue and have it running again in no time at all.  Just give us a call at 587.609.5909.
Fridge Repair
The main purpose of your refrigerator is to keep your foods and liquids cold.  It does this by means of the coils that are located at the back of your refrigerator (or found under the refrigerator in some models).  Easy maintenance can be just the trick.  Dust, dirt, and pet hair can accumulate around those coils.  By routinely pulling out your machine and getting behind it to vacuum around the coils will keep them operating better.  When covered in dust, dirt, or pet hair, the coils need to work overtime to extract the heat from within and inject the cold temperature into the interior of the refrigerator.  Don't leave it too long before pulling the appliance out, and cleaning up the coils and the area behind or around the appliance.  Once every couple of months should keep the coils performing great.
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We Service the Following Brands
Our appliance technicians have worked on pretty much all brands of appliances.  They are very familiar with the different models and come with the expertise on how to correctly repair them.  We are very confident that, whatever brand of appliance you have, our technicians have dealt with them before!  Here is a list of brands we are familiar with:

LG Repair
Maytag Repair
Whirlpool Repair
Kenmore Repair
Inglis Repair
​GE Repair
Samsung Repair
Electrolux Repair
Viking Repair

True Repair
Amana Repair
​Miele Repair
Frigidaire Repair
Kitchenaid Repair
Bosch Repair
Jenn-Air Repair
Dacor Repair
​Sub-Zero Repair