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Dryer Repair for High River

Imagine that you have finished a load of clothes in your washer.  You take all of the damp clothing out and put it in your dryer.  You add some anti-static product, close the door and hit the start button.  Nothing happens.  You hit the button again.  Just to get the exact same results.

Now you have a pile of damp clothes that will need to be dried another way.  Either you have to hang up everything to dry or you have to haul all the damp clothing to the laundromat.  Either way, this is a major inconvenience!

We understand that you rely on your dryer to perform.  You need to be able to count on it at times like this.  And sometimes it is going to let you down.  But we will not let you down.  We can get an appliance technician out to you quickly so that you can get a diagnostic of what the problem is.  And then you can count on us to fix it.  You can rely on our team to fix your appliance concerns.  Just give us a call and we are always ready to help you out.
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Dryer Repair
Not all dryers are created equal.  There are different types of dryers, which require different repair methods.  Our technicians are experienced in repairs of tumble dryers, condenser dryers, heat pump dryers, and washer-dryer combinations.  We are no stranger to dryers!  We have worked on most brands that are available in the marketplace right now.  And some older ones as well!  When you reach out to us for service, we will ask you what the model and make is.  This will allow us to determine if we have the parts on hand (which we do have an extensive inventory available), and which ones we should bring with us should you want to proceed with the repair.  There is nothing worse than having a technician tell you what is wrong and then having to wait for them to re-schedule the repair once parts come in.  We endeavor to avoid this!  We understand that, if we can get it running right then and there, you will most likely be pleased with our service.  And that is our end game!!
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We Service the Following Brands
Our appliance technicians have worked on pretty much all brands of appliances.  They are very familiar with the different models and come with the expertise on how to correctly repair them.  We are very confident that, whatever brand of appliance you have, our technicians have dealt with them before!  Here is a list of brands we are familiar with:

LG Repair
Maytag Repair
Whirlpool Repair
Kenmore Repair
Inglis Repair
​GE Repair
Samsung Repair
Electrolux Repair
Viking Repair

True Repair
Amana Repair
​Miele Repair
Frigidaire Repair
Kitchenaid Repair
Bosch Repair
Jenn-Air Repair
Dacor Repair
​Sub-Zero Repair

Does your Dryer have no Heat?

We will be perfectly honest with you here.  We get a lot of calls for dryers that are not heating up.  Leaving you with wet or damp clothing.  Often the call starts off with the customer diagnosing the issue as the heating element.  

When your dryer has no heat, it may not be the heating element.  Jumping to that conclusion can just cost you more money and have little if any change in the performance of the appliance.  We diagnose the issue, using the tools at our disposal.  Often it may be a sensor or the timer that needs attention - and not the heating element at all.

It really makes sense to have a professional take a look at your appliance.  Don't waste your time, trying to diagnose it yourself.  Let us get right to the issue, save you time and money, and get the dryer performing like it should!