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One of the most favorite items found in a freezer is Ice Cream!  Delicious, creamy ice cream!  But obviously, that is not the only item found in a freezer.  Your household meats are often kept there, frozen for future use.  As well as any frozen vegetables, prepared foods, left overs, frozen juice, ice, and so much more.  

Keeping your food frozen is a full time job for your freezer.  It must maintain the correct temperature.  When it fails to do so, items will defrost.  It isn't such a big deal if the freezer is full of ice cream.  Actually, that would be a great reason to over-indulge in this tasty treat!  But the reality is that all of your foods will either need to be cooked as soon as possible to prevent things from spoiling, or will need to be disposed of.  And if you cook everything in the freezer, well you will have to consume it before it goes bad.  A freezer that breaks down can be a real nightmare.  You also need to be concerned with water leakage, as the whole appliance defrosts.

If you have a freezer that is not functioning correctly, contact a qualified appliance technician to inspect the appliance to determine what the problem is.  They will be able to determine what is needed to repair it and get it operating correctly again.  Contact us to assist you with getting your freezer back on it's full time job of preserving your frozen goods.  Call us today at 587.609.5909.
Freezer Repair
Freezers that stop working can cause a bit of a panic to owners.  You have a lot of items in the freezer and if they thaw, they need to be used or consumed quickly.  The thing that most owners do not pay a lot of attention to is the owners manual of these appliances.  Granted, once you plug it in, and start loading it up, you forget about the manual all together.  But there are some good pieces of information in there and knowing where to look when something starts to fail can be a big benefit to the owner.  
There are a couple of good tips to keeping the freezer working properly.  First, keep an eye on the temperature.  When it is starting to drop, per the recommended temperature outlined in the owners manual, you may be heading into a problem.  It could mean that the condenser coils are dirty and not performing up to par.  Or the evaporation fan motor is malfunctioning.  Also, is the sealer around the freezer showing signs of age or damage?  If it is, that could be your problem with cold temperature escaping.  And with all appliances, you want to keep your freezer clean.  You can run a damp cloth through it without need to unplug it and loose all the cold temperature while doing it.
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Our appliance technicians have worked on pretty much all brands of appliances.  They are very familiar with the different models and come with the expertise on how to correctly repair them.  We are very confident that, whatever brand of appliance you have, our technicians have dealt with them before!  Here is a list of brands we are familiar with:

LG Repair
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Whirlpool Repair
Kenmore Repair
Inglis Repair
​GE Repair
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