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Appliance Repair when you need it.

Our Appliance Repair Service is there when you need us.  Trust in us when it comes to servicing your fridge, stove, washer, drier, dishwasher and stove or oven. We offer service to most major brands on the market. Appliances can break down at the most inconvenient times.  They usually are not something that you expect. We are ready, willing, and capable of handling whatever your appliance throws at you.  We offer prompt service to get those appliances that you rely on up and running again smoothly.
Appliance Warranty

Is your appliance still under manufacturer's warranty?  That is something that you want to check into. You shouldn't try to repair the appliance yourself if there is still warranty on it.  You could actually void the warranty.  

Using a qualified appliance repair technician is your best option.   If your warranty is still in effect, you may not be out of pocket any costs in getting it repaired. You can check with the retail outlet you purchased from, the manufacturer's website, your receipt, or your credit card for purchase protection. 

Keeping all of your warranty information in one spot for future reference is a sound practice.  It can really save you future costs, such as repairs or replacements.    Also, the parts used to fix the appliance should carry a warranty as well.  Save those receipts or invoices as well.
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Our Appliance Repair Services

We have a qualified appliance technician who will assess the issue with your appliance, provide you a quote on parts and labour, and complete the job correctly.  
We service all popular brands of appliances.

Washing Machine Repair High River

Some common issues encountered with your washing machine:
    - Not turning on, not draining properly,
    - Not agitating/spinning,
    - Leaking water,
    - Doesn’t dispense detergent,
    - Shakes or moves while running,
    - Excessively noisy when running. 

If you are experiencing this kind of issue from your washer, we recommend that you contact a repair technician to get a correct appliance diagnostic of the issue.  We can get to the issue quickly and have the machine working correctly in no time.

Dryer Repair High River

Some common issues encountered with your dryer:
 - Fuse burnout,
 - Switch isn’t working,
 - Thermostat is not functioning correctly,
 - Heating coils are not working correctly,
 - Timer is broken,
 - Belt is worn out,
 - Issues with the motor. 

If you are experiencing either the dryer not heating up or heating up excessively, contact an appliance technician to take a look at it. We can diagnose the issue correctly and recommend a solution.

Refrigerator Repair High River

Some common issues encountered with your Refrigerator and Freezer:
 - Temperature is too warm or too cold,
 - Water leaking on the floor,
 - Motor is cycling too often,
 - Ice builds up in the freezer or in the       fresh food compartments,
 - Ice overflowing in the ice dispenser. 

These are good indicators that the appliance is not functioning correctly. Contacting an appliance technician to diagnose and offer suggestions to remedy the issue, will be the quickest way to get everything back to normal. You can schedule a service call with us.  We would be happy to take a look at the situation more in depth. 

Oven Repair High River

Some common issues encountered with your Oven or Stove Top:
 - Oven won’t turn on,
 - Temperature setting isn’t working,
 - Lighting isn’t working with a replaced      bulb,
 - Oven will not self-clean, 
 _ Oven door will not properly close or        open. 
 - Stove top burners or elements will     not heat up, won’t turn on, or won’t         keep the correct temperature.

Depending on whether your oven or stove top is gas or electric, there are different solutions to the issue.  If you have any difficulty or concerns about this, the best thing you can do is have an appliance technician take a look at it. We can service gas or electric appliances, and get to the root of the issue quickly.

Dishwasher Repair High River

Some common issues encountered with your Dishwasher:
- Dishwasher will not turn on, 
- doesn’t fill up while running, 
- doesn’t clean the dishes, 
- doesn’t drain properly, 
 - water leaking from it to the floor,       - door doesn’t latch, 
 - dry cycle is not working or
 - the machine is making unusual               sounds when running.

Any of the above issues can be an indication that you may need to have your dishwasher serviced. Let a qualified appliance technician identify the issue for you. We are just a service call away.

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What our Customers Say About Us
Tek Appliance Repair has worked hard to gain our customers' trust.  And we are proud of this and want to thank everyone who refers us to friends and family!
„ We needed the dishwasher repaired and we needed it quick!  Especially with a family of five!  Thanks so much! ”
– Teresa Langley
„ Awesome customer service and quick response.  We recommend these guys for sure!”

– Peter Keniworth
„ Recommend these guys to anyone living in or around High River.  They are our go to guys when we need anything fixed. ”
– Michael Peterson
Household Appliances are the essentials in day to day life.
Every household relies on the appliances within it to be functioning.  When one goes on the blink, that can really throw the owners off. We count on our dishwashers, stoves, ovens, driers, and refrigerators.  When the dishwasher isn’t working, that means washing everything by hand. It can be done. It’s just inconvenient when you have other things to do.  Better things to do. What about when a washing machine is out of service. It’s time to take your laundry to a friend or family member’s home to get it washed.  Or haul it over to a laundromat and wait for it to be finished. Inconvenient for sure. Then, what if the dryer breaks down and you have wet clothes in the washer.  You have to find a way to get them dried. Again, running the wet load over to someone else’s place or the laundromat is inconvenient. If the stove or oven decides to stop working, it’s not the end of the world.  Order in! Except when you are expecting guests. And have the meal prepped or already in the oven. This can be very inconvenient and take all your plans right off the rails. And let’s not forget about the refrigerator or the freezer.  When those go down, so does potentially all the food you have in them.  

Should your Repair or Replace your Appliance?

Many homeowners often jump to the conclusion that if their appliance breaks down, that is an indication that it is at the end of its life cycle. That may not be the case.  Sometimes it is much more cost efficient to repair, rather than replace. To the right are some of the life span expectancy of basic appliances.

As you can see, there is quite a long life cycle for these key appliances.  With proper maintenance and repairs, as needed, these appliances will last quite a while before you need to lay out the cost of a full replacement.

Home Appliance Life-spans

Fridges        9 - 13 years
Freezers        13 years
Gas Ranges        15 - 17 years
Electric Ranges    13 - 15 years
Washing Machines    5 - 10 years
Dryers            13 years
Dishwashers        9 years
We Service the Following Brands
Our appliance technicians have worked on pretty much all brands of appliances.  They are very familiar with the different models and come with the expertise on how to correctly repair them.  We are very confident that, whatever brand of appliance you have, our technicians have dealt with them before!  Here is a list of brands we are familiar with:

LG Repair
Maytag Repair
Whirlpool Repair
Kenmore Repair
Inglis Repair
​GE Repair
Samsung Repair
Electrolux Repair
Viking Repair

True Repair
Amana Repair
​Miele Repair
Frigidaire Repair
Kitchenaid Repair
Bosch Repair
Jenn-Air Repair
Dacor Repair
​Sub-Zero Repair

Our Service Fees

Every appliance has it's own set of problems.  Often unique to the type of appliance, but unique to the owner as well.  Therefore, it is difficult to post here all fees for service.  Because it will depend on a few different factors.
But, we can advise that most popular brand appliance repairs will have a $169 diagnosis fee due when the technician arrives.  This fee will include 15 minutes of diagnosis, and if the technician can fix it on the spot (with parts on hand), they will provide you a quote then.  
If the technician needs to return with parts to complete the repair, $169 of your diagnosis fee will be applied to the cost of parts.  
Our team of customer service representatives will explain all of this at time of booking the appointment.
The above information is subject to change.  Customer Service Representatives will confirm current details.
Call Out Fees
From time to time, there may be a call out fee associated with your booking.  This is due to the fact that we sometimes have to send technicians from other areas due to volume of service calls we have.
You will be advised if there is a call out fee at the time you book your appointment.
This is subject to change.
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